How to use Totally Sheep!

Instructions on how to Add a listing or to Advertise on the website.

To get the best out of these instructions just click or tap on the heading you need, the section will expand, then follow the step-by-step instructions!


How to search and view Totally Sheep

To browse or find a listing you're looking for you have a few options

  1. From the main menu, footer menu or side bar CATEGORIES menu (all pages apart from the homepage) at the top of the page navigate to and select the category you want to view.
  2. Select the Search  icon in the main menu and then enter what you are looking for.
  3. From any page other than the homepage there is an Advanced Search box where you can search using Keyword, a Minimum and Maximum price as well as specifying the category.


Once selected all of the options will present you with a list of available Listings.

​ How can I see how many people have viewed my listing?

If you've selected either one of Deluxe Plus or Year Long Listing packages a small graph logo with a number next to it will be displayed where ever your listing is displayed.

Every time a visitor views your listing the number will be increased.

​ How do I renew my listing?

You can renew your listing at anytime and the package you choose will be added onto your existing listing.

Find your listing through your account dashboard, to renew the same with the same package then click Renew Now, then just follow the payment instructions to confirm.

If you would like a new package, click to select it from the left column, then click Save listing at the bottom of your listing to activate the new package, then just follow the payment instructions to confirm.

​ How Do I mark my item as Sold?

If your listing is related to item(s) for sale then you may want visitors to be aware the item(s) have sold.

Navigate to your listing through your user account Dashboard, then scroll down to the Listing Status just under the Price field, then using the selection box change the item to SOLD.

Just save your changes and then users will know your item(s) are now SOLD

​ How do I remove my listing?

Once you no longer require your listing to be active you can remove it completely.

Navigate to your listing through your user account Dashboard, you will then be presented with two options Delete or Edit This Listing.

If you click on Delete you will then get the option are you sure you want to do this? Click OK and your listing will be removed.

​ How do I tag Favourite Listings?

While you are browsing the Totally Sheep site you have the option to add individual listings to a list of Favourites.

Displayed next to the listings Description is the TOOLBOX click on Add Favorites which will add the listing to your Favourites.

To view your list of Favourites, Either click on the MY FAVOURITES link in the header or under the Account Options in your dashboard, you will then see a list of your Favourite listings.

NB you need to be logged in to use the Favourites list option.

Adding a Listing

Listing Package Selection

To get your listing started firstly select the listing package that best suits your needs.

The most important things to consider are how long you want your listing to be active and how prominent you want your listing to appear.

Click on the Create Listing button to activate your chosen option, you can always change your selection later.

Login or Create Account

If you are already a member of Totally Sheep then it is recommended to login before adding a listing.

If you are new to the site then if you fill in the Username, Password and Email fields, once you have completed all the required information and save your new Listing then a new account will be automatically created for you.

Add Listing -Title, Description, Keywords & Price

Once you have selected your listing package the Add Listing page is displayed which is where you enter the details of your listing.

Enter a relevant Title to best reflect your listing as this will be the first thing a prospective customer will see.

The Description is your opportunity to give some more details for your listing. You can use the word processor style editor to enhance your entry.

Keywords are useful to help people search for your listing.

Enter your Price here so viewers of your listing will know how much your listing costs.

Certain fields are required (marked with *) before your listing will be saved.

NB at any time you can change your selected listing package by clicking on a new package listed in the left sidebar.

Add Listing - Category

Here is where you select the Category you want your listing to appear in, you can choose a maximum of 2.

Example: If you have Suffolk Rams for sale, firstly you would click the select box next to Rams, then expand the Rams category by clicking the grey expansion box, then scroll down and click the select box next to Suffolk. Your listing would then be shown under the Rams and the Suffolk Rams categories.

Add Listing - Loading images or videos

The first image you load will be shown as the feature image for your listing which will be displayed where ever your ad is shown on the site.

To upload images or videos to enhance your listing, first click on the green add images or blue add videos box, then click on Choose file, navigate to and select your file (On a smartphone you can either take and upload new pictures/videos or select from your library) . The files will then be uploaded when you click on Save listing.

Don't worry about the size of the images, as long as they are of good quality, as they will be automatically optimised for the site as they are loaded.

NB It is required to upload at least one image to be shown against your listing.

Saving your listing

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