Young Shepherd in training

May 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sheep,Shepherd

Ethan Kinney - Young Shepherd

Hi, my name is Ethan Kinney and I’m from the Wirral – right next to Liverpool. Here is a little about me an what I’m doing to become a shepherd….

I don’t come from a farming background, in fact farming was never really where my heart was at, until I had started high school which had a school farm an once I had a taste of it, I was hungry for more!

After 4 years of working at a school farm an managing it etc in the holidays, I thought twitter would be a good start to maybe go bigger an better so I did, now have the account @futurefarmer365 which people really seem to enjoy my story while I’m living my dream and earning as much as i can.

Twitter has so many lovely people on it who support the things I do and are always there when I need advice as I’m only 17 years old and this big wide world is a little confusing at times and sometimes you just need that push to go on the right track.

Last year I went to my friends Hannah Jacksons smallholder to live there for 2 weeks to lamb with her and her lovely family, which then lead me to sheep….

After lambing, sheep is what I love (sometimes). I got the full experience from living with her and her lovely family to jumping on the quad at 6am to do the checks to using sheepdogs an all sorts, don’t get me wrong I was a 16 year old boy, useless at getting up at that time for the first few days but I learnt that farmers have to really work hard 365 days a year to live a sustainable life and that’s what I want to do…

I then left high school shortly after that to go to Reaseheath college to learn more about the industry and see what more I could learn but in those holidays, I came back up to Cumbria and did more sheep work all around the UK too such as Stafford an Herfordshire so really inetresting seeing all the different set ups and different ways of doing things, I also did some work for James Rebanks in October and that was awesome too seeing his beautiful set up and his stunning farm.

I’m just finishing my first year now up at Reaseheath and will hopefully do my second next year with doing bits an bobs of sheep work in the middle and after next year, get my self a working dog etc an get out to work hopefully somewhere is Cumbria as its a stunning place.

I hope you have enjoyed this and if your interested to see where I go give me a follow/like @futurefarmer365 on Twitter,Facebook an Instagram.